REV UP! 2017

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REV UP! 2018: A Project of the Texas Disability Project

The mission of the Texas Disability Project is to outreach, educate, and disseminate information to people with disabilities, family members, supporters, professionals, the general public, and policymakers on issues affecting the integration of people with disabilities of all ages into every aspect of community living.

There are approximately 57 million Americans with disabilities representing 15% of the total voting population.

However, in the 2012 election:

  • 57.2% of people with disabilities DID NOT VOTE!
  • 30% of people with disabilities said they wanted to vote but were unable to, for various reasons.
  • 72% of polling places WERE NOT ACCESSIBLE!


Texans with Disabilities Vote! Your Vote Matters

Information for Individuals with Disabilities from Disability Rights Texas. More information visit

The Disability Vote! can make a difference on issues such as:

  • Adequate funding and coverage for Medicaid acute and long term services and supports.
  • Waiting lists for home and community services.
  • Consolidation and closure of public institutions.
  • Integrated employment at no less than minimum wage.
  • Accessible, affordable, integrated housing.
  • Adequate funding for quality public and higher education.Quality Medicaid managed care with strict accountability measures.
  • Recruitment and retention strategies for improved wages and benefits for community attendants.
  • Implementation and enforcement of the “most integrated setting” requirements in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

You have the right to:

  • Vote by yourself and make your own choices.
  • Get help from a person of your choice or an election worker.
  • Use a physically accessible polling place and an accessible voting machine.
  • Vote if you have a guardian, unless a court determines you cannot.

Help America Vote Act (HAVA)

The goal of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), passed by Congress in 2002, is to make the voting process more inclusive and accessible so that more Americans will become registered voters and participate in elections.

Disability Rights Texas is the protection and advocacy agency designated by HAVA to help ensure accessible voting in Texas. Specialists on our staff can answer questions, respond to legal violations, and troubleshoot problems related to your voting rights. There are no costs for these services.

DRTx provides the following services related to voters with disabilities:

  • Educates voters, election workers, and other persons involved in the voting process about the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Provides information to people with disabilities about voter registration and the chance to register to vote.
  • Provides advice about access to polling places on Election Day.
  • Works with groups representing people with disabilities and other organizations in registering voters and surveying polling places for accessibility.
  • Represents/advocates for individuals with disabilities who have complaints about the voting process.