CENSUS 2020 Info Make the Disability Community Count


Tired of all the policywonk info you receive on CENSUS2020 that is important but hard to understand?(Though we have some of that below).

The 3 episodes of ” Counting All My Children” below are a parody on the once popular soap opera “All My Children”

Make the Disability Community COUNT!

Counting All My Children
episode #1https://vimeo.com/436953440
episode #2https://vimeo.com/436954281
episode #3https://vimeo.com/439372348

Linda Mae knows all about the 2020 Census and wants to make sure her friend, Sue Ellen, knows she counts, too.

“Counting All My Children” was produced for people with disabilities to learn about the 2020 census through humor — and of course — drama!

This production is a partnership between The Arc of Texas, TxSILC, REV UP Texas and channelAustin.