Mail in ballot information
REV UP Texas continues to advocate for onsite polling accessibility.
In light of the possibility of COVID 19 issues continuing through 2020, we  are encouraging eligible folks to also apply for a mail in ballot.  This is a backup plan to assure our votes are counted.
Our first priority is to have accessible onsite polls and accessible voting machines.  Mail in ballots are Plan B.
We are aware of the need to improve the accessibility of mail in balloting especially for people with visual disabilities.
We will be working with organizations that understand these issues on ways to make the mail in ballot process more accessible. 
Below is an effort by Natl ACB to promote US Congressional action on this issue. 


  • ENGLISH 866-OUR-VOTE 866-867-8683
  • SPANISH 888-VE-Y-VOTA 888-839-8682
  • ASIAN LANGUAGES 888-API-VOTE 888-274-8683
  • ARABIC 844-YALLA-US 844-925-5287

Disability Rights Texas (DRTx)Voting Information Hotline – 1-888-796-VOTE (8683)



Ensuring Full Participation in the Voting Process!

Texans with disabilities CAN influence the outcome of statewide and local elections!

More than any time in memory:

  • Elected leaders and political candidates are recognizing more than 4 MILLION Texans with disabilities—from birth to advanced age—as a powerful, important constituency.
  • Issues important to people with disabilities must be part of the platform for any candidate running for public office.

Join thousands of Texans with disabilities in this important and historic effort!

To vote, you MUST register! Use Your Power!!

Don’t Mourn! Organize, Register and VOTE! Make the DISABILITY VOTE Count!